May 29, 2021

A brief interlude

It’s been a couple of months since I last published on this blog. From my last post, it’s obvious that things got extremely busy and I was attempting to curb my exhaustion and avoid burn out all together. Eventually, I made a decision to pause blogging to make what was on my plate manageable.

Things have progressively gotten better over the past months. I was able to take a week off during which I spent my days relaxing at the beach! It went a long way in helping me get back to a good place. There are many techniques one can take to reduce overall exhaustion but nothing beats a chunk of time spent disconnecting and rejuvenating.

Not all was lost during this period. I did manage to speak at the Data Summit Connect conference this month and you can see the video here. I’ve added talks to the site’s menu and will be using it to share any talks I give. Here’s to a continued manageable plate and to regularly blogging again.

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